Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama's Hook and Ladder

A lot of what has been written on this blog has been of a negative tone. Apparently it is easier to write about complaints than positivity. I would like to change that vibe (at least briefly) and talk about a TV ad I saw over Thanksgiving.

I imagine most people that consider themselves "good" Americans saw this ad at some point over the holiday because they were watching the edge-of-the-seat action that was Thanksgiving day football (the Detroit Lions...'nough said). The ad I'm talking about is the NFL Play 60 spot that features stars from the NFL as well as the big man in charge, Obama.

Before I continue I want to make it clear that the intent of this post is not to start any political arguments so please don't think I am attemtping to make myself heard on what should be legal in California or how much prescription drugs should cost or anything of that nature.

When I went to YouTube to watch the ad again, I stumbled across what I was looking for, but with this title...

When I first saw this ad I did not realize some people would get all bent out of shape over Obama being involved in it. I think most people would agree that childhood obesity is a problem in our country, so I personally have no issue with whomever is President being part of this type of movement (this is as deep into the political woods as I will venture).

My only issue with the ad is A) the slow motion is so slow that it took forever for the scene to play out (however I can't really argue because the great Dave Chappelle already clearly explained how slow motion makes everything better)

and B) how did Troy Polamalu lose Obama in coverage that easily? Ok, dumb joke but my point is this; politics aside I really like what the NFL and the United Way are doing here. There are times where celebrities and athletes seem to be giving back for the sake of looking good while the cameras are rolling. But the issue of exercise and getting out and being active is actually relevant to the nature of the NFL. Giving back to a group or movement that pertains directly to your organization is a great way to make a real impact. I'm sure there are thousands of other great examples of this, but I noticed this ad, liked it and wanted to talk about it so there.

Other charities and powerful organizations could take a page out of this campaign's playbook (had to do it).

One love, one heart

Eric McPherson


  1. Question: is it technically legal for a receiver to catch a ball while on another teamate's shoulders?

  2. A great question, I believe that would be assisting the ball carrier and so the answer would be no...however as we all know the refs never call that so maybe Obama knew he could get away with it.

  3. I think it's rediculous that Obama is able to get away with that play just because he's president. That's like saying NBA refs favor star players and give them all the calls. Oh wait.