Thursday, January 21, 2010

Suck on These....Taxes

It has been a while since I went the easy route and expressed my opinion on a commercial I saw on TV. This is where I would normally insert a stupid joke about how I am actually not going to do that and talk about something way more deep an/or abstract but actually I'm just going to talk about a commercial I saw.

My girlfriend and I were watching Community, this season's hit new comedy on NBC, and naturally we were utilizing the DVR to its max potential. Which basically means we recorded it and were fast forwarding through the commercials at three arrow speeds (you show me someone that can accurately fast forward at four arrow speeds and I will show you a liar or a true American prodigy).

Just after Joel McHale was done saying something hilarious the commercials came on and I hit fast forward quicker than Cool Hand Luke, when all of a sudden we both went "Whoa, what was that?" I proceeded to pause and rewind the commercial at one arrow speed in order to ensure precision and accuracy. It was a commercial that featured two of the characters from the show, the Spanish teacher (aka the Chinese guy from the Hangover) and the dean (the small, bald, nerdy guy). We proceeded to watch the commercial discovering that it was for TurboTax. The actors do the commercial in character which you can see below.

Earlier I was unable to find the video footage so I asked you to just imagine this clip is an ad for TurboTax.

As soon as I saw the ad I thought it would be a cool topic to write about. Apparently I was not the only one considering you can find much more qualified analysis here, here or here (or even here....IN THE FAAACE).

My point is this. There is a common cliche that the 30 second spot is going to die and there is another common cliche that the 30 second spot is not going to die because advertisers will become more creative. This is a prime example of why I am a member of cliche camp number two. I did not stop and rewind this ad because I work in advertising, I rewound it because I think that guy from The Hangover is hilarious and I didn't want to miss something that might wet my entertainment palette.

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