Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madvertising

March Madness is often a popular place to showcase "cool" advertising because of how many people crowd around their TVs, congregate in bars or check the games while they are supposed to be working.

After fully indulging in March Madness this past weekend I started to really ponder the future of TV advertising during live sporting events. As we all know the technological world is rapidly changing with kids and their facebooks, tivos and twitters. So how far away are we from the majority of TV consumption being done through a DVR or online?

I happen to believe linking laptops to TVs enabling one to watch LOST on abc.com but on a big TV or having that same capability through a PS3 or whatever other device is going to be a trend that takes off in the next 5 years.

If that DVR/online TV world becomes a reality, is there any other type of programming on TV that will remain appointment viewing? Live sporting events are actually protected by other technological advances (smart phone, blackberries, etc.) to stay as appointment viewing. It's too difficult to hide from the world in order to not find out who won or lost so generally sports fans would rather check the scores on their phone if they are not able to watch the game.

This makes me wonder how expensive the spots on all major sporting events are going to become. Ratings during Sunday night football on NBC were huge this past fall and I can only imagine the effect that is going to have on prices for the fall of 2010. I also imagine smart marketers are going to have to start really planning ahead when using the live sports medium considering the eventual increase in demand.

Perhaps creative minds will take a different approach and actually focus on things like increasing the popularity of certain live sporting events for the sake of creating more "beach front property" aka effective TV advertising space.

I don't know if there are really any hard conclusions to make at this point regarding this matter but there are is definitely stuff to think about it that will become more relevant faster than we might think.

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