Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So apparently I am being lazy and just sharing sweet videos on here lately. The iPad has a lot of skeptics but also has a lot of believers (it's selling at a rate faster than the iPhone when it first came yea, I think it's here to stay). I'm a pretty big fan of the new iPad ads (sometimes called iAds) on TV because they are addressing a big issue that many people have with this crazy device...what exactly does it do?

Here is another video that addresses how an iPad can be used but in a completely different way...and it benefits Velcro manufacturers as well, which is nice.

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

So if you have been drinking the hatorade and saying iPads are dumb, maybe you still think so but I gotta believe now that velcro is involved you may have reduced your hatorade intake and increased your "maybe iPads are sick wit it after all" odometer.

One love, one heart

Eric McPherson

Twitter: @EricWMcPherson

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