Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If you don't know now you know

There is a lot of talk right now telling everyone about how important social media is, the great impact it has, how fast it has and continues to grow, etc. At times it is hard to understand these implications without putting any real numbers or facts behind them. I was an attendee recently at a talk given by a dude by the name of Josh Klein, (smart guy) and he shared an amazing video with the group. If you are a social media advocate and at times have a hard time explaining its magnitude to others, I recommend you take a look at this video and pass it along accordingly.

I personally have no problem with those who do not want to be a part of Facebook, Twitter, etc. but what I do have a problem with is those that automatically think something of that nature is stupid without giving it any thought. Even if you personally don't like Twitter or whatever other social media outlets you hear about; it would be wise to acknowledge their existence and the significance they have to the future of social trends, business and who knows what else as they continue to evolve.

One love, one heart

Eric McPherson

Twitter: @EricWMcPherson

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